Laura Petrolino

Arment Dietrich

Laura Petrolino is client services director at Arment Dietrich an integrated marketing communications firm.

Petrolino has spearheaded communications and development programs for U.S. Senators, leading consumer brands and national non-profit organizations in a range of industries from SaaS, to healthcare, to the fine arts. Petrolino works with clients to help them effectively tell their organization’s story and create effective and measurable integrated communications strategies that directly affect their business goals.

She is also a blogger for Spin Sucks, Arment Dietrich’s award winning blog.

Darrell Moon

Orriant Founder

Sandy, UT

Darrell Moon is the founder of Orriant, a company specializing in population health management. His infectious passion for correcting the injustices that the healthcare system has caused businesses throughout the years makes him an entertaining and eye-opening speaker for business leaders in every industry.

 Dr. Scott O. Baird

Author of the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System

A Human Performance Scientist with over 35 years of business performance research and consulting experience. Uncovered innovative breakthroughs in human and organizational performance which constitute a new technology that elevates organizational performance on a sustained basis. Most clients experience significant increases in human productivity and revenues. Knowledgeable in the hard science of business analysis and the scientific method as well as the soft science skills required to work with human and social systems. Well prepared for the challenge of melding art and science that is required in human performance technology.