VXTracker Data Collection and Processing (1 hour)
This session will explore the functions available within VXTracker for collecting and processing data. Topics will include; Data Buffers, Parser, Rate Templates, and Trunk Configuration.

VXTracker Organizational Structure (1 hour)
This session will go through the Organizational Structure within VXTracker. This will include information on how to use the new Partial Org update feature as well as the other options available for Organizational structure management.

VXPulse Micro appliance troubleshooting and Administration. (45 minutes)
This session will go discuss the micro-appliance that is used for VXPulse deployments. Topics will include troubleshooting, linux administration, services, log files and options for repurposing.

Using VXTracker and VXPulse to perform a Pre-deployment Network Assessment. (1 hour)
This session will discuss the features available from VXTracker and VXPulse for ensuring that a customer’s existing network is ready for a VoIP deployment. Reporting options will be discussed as well.

VXPulse Lab (90 minutes)
This session will start from a VXPulse deployment of two micro appliances and work through the addition of monitoring for all major types of systems; windows server, routers, firewalls, Serial based devices, Active QoE, Passive Qoe and generic nodes.

VXDashboard Security and Widget Creation (1 hour)
This session will explore the security options available within the VXDashboard product. The session will also explore the creation of widgets, their data selection and graphical representation within the product.