The VXMadness 2015 is a sales and technical conference to help educate you and your team on how to sell VXSuite as a managed service.

Sales Team

Salespeople will benefit from sales positioning conversations.

In order to maximize the impact VXSuite can have on your business it is paramount to coordinate with your Sales department to close interested buyers.

Your Sales team will benefit from attendance because they will learn how to position VXSuite in line with buyer’s goals and efforts.

Understanding the difference between managed services revenue and transactional revenue is of paramount importance for success.

Technical Team

Helping the technical team members understand their place in ongoing support of the managed services revenue will help secure the customer for the long term.

We’ll tell the “Socks in the Drawer” story to help drive this point home.

Technical team members will benefit from technical training of each VXSuite module.

Breakout sessions will be beneficial to technical personnel for troubleshooting and positioning.

Owners/General Managers

If creating and supporting a managed services platform was easy, everybody would be doing it.

The truth is it takes work, but it’s worth it. Senior management need to fully understand the sales cycle, technical support position and the compensation to successfully launch and sustain a managed services offering.